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Build better chips. Lower costs. Innovate faster.
Sonics’ flagship product, SonicsGN, is a next-generation Network-on-Chip (NoC) that supplies the springboard needed by SoC designers and architects to create their own cutting-edge products. Delivering twice the performance at half the energy consumption of competitive products, Sonics’ innovative System IP provides the speed, power management and flexibility needed for devices of all sizes connected to the cloud. Combined with our deep understanding and expertise across system domains, Sonics enables customers to build better chips, at lower cost.
  • Speed - Sonics’ patented innovations in latency and throughput, combined with the GHz+ frequency of the new SonicsGN, enables customers to rapidly create the chips they set out to create, without compromises, at lower cost.
  • Power Management- Sonics’ system IP features unlimited power partitioning with hardware switching to enable half the power consumption of competitive offerings.
  • Flexibility - Sonics System IP is designed to scale with SoC complexity. Connecting a few IP cores or greater than 100 IP cores, Sonics IP is highly configurable to ensure the most optimal design - the lowest area, lowest power at the best performance