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The Solution Platform
Each solution is built upon a series of precisely targeted apps, facilitating specific methodologies. These apps have been conditioned to work within the solution set, naturally fitting to specific needs and use models. At the center of the OneSpin solutions is a state-of-the art formal platform. Using this approach, verification efficiency can be transformed without painful learning curves and operational drudgery.
Advanced Design Verification
Through many years of project experience and development, OneSpin has produced the most advanced formal platform in the world. As the only company focused on formal, its expert R&D and AE teams have successfully solved the toughest next-generation verification challenges. Based on this experience, OneSpin provides three design verification solutions that encompass common verification scenarios.
Innovative Specialized Solutions
OneSpin drives continuous innovation in all aspects of its business and that of its customers. Anticipating tomorrow’s challenges through close partnerships with our customers has allowed us to be first in many areas of verification. These three specialized solutions solve particularly complex, new verification challenges Specialized Solutions.
Get Started with OneSpin Solutions!
Our solutions are augmented through direct and distribution support teams worldwide, to ensure that the return on investment is maximized as rapidly as possible after a solution acquisition. A variety of customer support and service options including directed services through the company’s expert Application Engineering team. We maintain the “Spinnaker” services partnership program, through which a community of expert verification consultants worldwide have been certified on the OneSpin tool set.