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Introducing XMODEL
XMODEL is a collection of tools and libraries that can turn your favorite SystemVerilog simulator into a powerful analog/mixed-signal simulator. With XMODEL, you can verify the functionality and estimate the performance of various large-scale mixed-signal systems that require both high accuracy and fast speed, all on a single simulation platform, SystemVerilog.
Key idea in XMODEL
XMODEL uses revolutionary, patent-pending algorithms to accurately express and quickly compute continuous-time analog waveforms on an event-driven logic simulator. Unlike other analog simulators that use a set of time-sampled points to describe a signal waveform, XMODEL uses a series of events each described by a mathematical, functional expression of the signal. This allows XMODEL to achieve virtually infinite precision without relying on a fine time step, while using only a small number of events. This trait is analogous to the vector fonts that always achieve the best image quality regardless of the display resolution while requiring only a small amount of data.
Furthermore, XMODEL computes these functional expressions for analog signals in a purely event-driven fashion, without involving any time-step integration or numerical iterations. These algorithms make XMODEL both fast and accurate, typically achieving 10~100x speed-up compared to Verilog-AMS or Real-Number Verilog for the same accuracy.