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ARM SoC Designer
Rapid development of virtual prototypes
SoC Designer Plus makes virtual prototype creation easy. SoC Designer Plus' easy-to-use GUI allows users to rapidly assemble models to create a virtual prototype.

Because the models are the key to creating a virtual prototype, Carbon SoC Designer Plus supports a wide range of models in variety of formats including:
  • Flexible SystemC model support for easy creation and integration
  • High performance cycle-accurate and implementation-accurate models compiled by Carbon Model Studio
  • Verilog and VHDL co-simulation with leading RTL Simulators
  • Spirit IP-Xact support for easy model exchange
Cycle Model Studio
Rapid development of IP models
In a modern System on Chip, as much as 80% of the design is existing Intellectual Property (IP), either re-used from previous projects or provided by a third party. Carbon Model Studio enables the user to leverage this IP, in all of its configurations, to jump start the creation of complete, and accurate virtual prototype.
  • Automatically compiles RTL into high-speed software models
  • Straightforward GUI manages model creation and validation
  • Easy configuration management for model variants
ARM Performance Analysis Kits
Performance Analysis Made Easy
Performance analysis is a vital task in modern SoC design. An under-designed SoC may run too slowly to keep up with the demands of system software. An over-designed SoC will consume too much power and require more expensive IP blocks.

Carbon Performance Analysis Kits™ (CPAK) are pre-built virtual reference platforms, complete with bare-metal and OS software which enable designers to be up and running within minutes of download.

CPAK Features
  • Pre-built virtual prototypes featuring advanced processors such as the ARM® Cortex™-A15, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A7 and the ARM big.LITTLE subsystem
  • 100% accurate models for critical performance elements including processors, fabric and memory controllers
  • ARM Fast Model representations to enable application software development at millions of instructions per second
  • Swap & Play™ to enable the ARM Fast Model representation to switch to 100% accuracy at any software breakpoint
  • Bare-metal software package to initialize components and enable easy customization and benchmarking
  • Linux and/or Android OS packages including source code