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VeloceRF is a powerful EDA tool featuring unique rapid modeling and synthesis capabilities for integrated inductors and transformers, with signoff accuracy for electromagnetic effects such as spiral-to-spiral mutual inductance, skin effect and substrate losses.

VeloceRF is the only tool of its kind with out-of-the-box support for DRC- and DFM-clean spiral inductors in a variety of nanoscale CMOS PDKs.

VeloceRF is the tool of choice among industry leaders such as Freescale, Broadcom, Fujitsu Semiconductor, RF Micro Devices and Sharp, and empowers them to push the envelope in RF and high-speed silicon integration.

“VeloceRF is a cool product! It realizes seamless design environment integration in our RFCMOS PDKs. All our RF designers are satisfied from its accuracy and user-friendliness and don’t need to use other complicated tools. We cannot imagine RF-LSI design without VeloceRF!”

Nobuyuki Itoh
Senior Manager, Wireless LSI Design Group 2, TOSHIBA Corporation
VeloceRaptor/X is an indispensable tool in the design flow of high-speed and high-frequency silicon integrated circuits. A breakthrough EM extractor engine, VeloceRaptor/X brings unparalleled capacity and speed in the modeling of integrated passives, transmission lines, power grids, interconnects, digital high-speed lines, spiral inductors, MIM and MOM capacitors.

VeloceRaptor/X is winning benchmark after industry benchmark over its competition. See why industry leaders such as Freescale, Broadcom, Fujitsu Semiconductor, Sharp and NetLogic Microsystems have adopted VeloceRaptor/X. Request a demo today.

Helic tools bring a lot of value when frequency goes up, significantly assisting our complex networking and radar design applications.

Magdy Abadir
Director of Design Automation at Freescale Semiconductor
Bondwires are a popular and low-cost assembly option for a wide range of IC packages. In high-speed IC design, bondwires introduce parasitics such as inductance and magnetic coupling which may affect product performance significantly. To meet demanding requirements, IC designers now have the ability to draw, model and optimize bondwires as parts of their circuits. Package design and IC design, two traditionally isolated processes, have now become seamlessly integrated in an automated design flow.

VeloceWired has been adopted by leading semiconductor companies such as Sharp, helping them achieve unprecedented RF performance while maintaining the low cost benefits of silicon integration.

With VeloceWired® we managed to design an optimum input-matching network for our LNA block. The results lead to successful mass production of a silicon LNB with the first parts shipping to customers in April 2011.

Dr. Kunihiko Iizuka
Design Manager at Electronic Components and Devices Group at SHARP