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GOLF PCell Designer
Next Generation OpenAccess-based Interoperable PCell Design Environment
GOLF is a production-proven OpenAccess-based layout editor adopted by well-known companies since 2007. GOLF features powerful layout editing functions, intuitive GUI, flexible customization and extension with TCL/Perl/Python. It provides PCell Designer, a next generation interoperable PCell design environment that covers from PCell design, debugging, testing, to documentation. You can choose to define GOLF PCell objects by GUI or Perl/Python/TCL API. Then the objects are stored into OA database and completely get rid of the language issue. An evaluation engine accesses the required data through the OA database. This unique approach makes GOLF PCell can be very easily put into existing design flow because we dont force you to choose a new language.
  • Friendly GUI visualized design environment: no programming skills needed
  • User-defined object with customized Perl/Python/TCL and C++
  • Fast C++ evaluation, no caching needed
  • It reuses existing layout shapes/instances and resembles manual layout steps
  • Multiple scripting languages for user customization and 100% replay-able running log
  • The simplest and fastest way for you to realize the PCell idea
Golf - General Layout Editor
Golf-GLE is a leading edge fully custom layout OA based platform; it contains the comprehensive geometry layout editing functions and provides easiness, sense, intelligent and powerful features to make the custom layout design tasks efficiently, help users (i.e. Fabless, Foundry, Panel Maker, Mask Shop, Packaging...) boosting productivity and reducing costs.
  • Fully customizable tool-icons and bind-keys are all designed within dock window to increase individual productivity.
  • High performance hierarchy tree browser enables user easy to explore the extremely large SOC layout design fluently.
  • Real time rules guide increases productivity by eliminating the error during layout construction, min rule violations are flagged while editing the layout design.
  • Multiple-window management easy correspond and manipulation of cell-views.
  • Observer based GUI display provides an instantaneous response for the database change.
  • Fast Hierarchical Net Tracing and fly line enable user to trace the connectivity easily and efficiently.
  • Supports Perl/Python/TCL Scripting languages for experts and 100% replay-able running log.
  • Intuitive user interface with ease of customization and usability.
  • OpenAccess database provides an interoperability platform.
Thunder - Ultimate GDS/OASIS Layout Platform
ThunderTM is a unique layout solution for layout experts, CAD engineers, and EDA tool developers. It seamlessly combines an efficient database, a flexible software infrastructure, and an intuitive GUI. It handles huge layout data in excess of 100+ GB and performs complex geometrical operations accurately in a fast and robust manner. It provides C++/TCL/PYTHON/PERL interface for software developers to develop their own applications. With ThunderTM, user will make dramatic efficiency improvement in huge data loading and display time. ThunderTM can be used in a wide range of flow including layout design, verification, mask data preparation, inspection, and failure analysis.
  • Rapid LVL comparison, highlight and sync zooming within two viewports increase productivity
  • Fastest metal density checker with GUI highlight reduces metal density check cycle
  • Eliminates massive IP/design merge work loading
  • A breakthrough DB compression technology with less memory usage to reduce hardware cost
  • Opens huge size GDS/OASIS and no expensive machine needed
  • Complex multiple boolean operations within one expression to reduce many run iterations
  • Effectively reduces debugging cycle with fast hierarchical net tracing, fast DRC/LVS result loading/browsing, and 3D layout view for short-locator
  • Supports Perl/Python/TCL Scripting languages to meet CAD expert's preference